Svetlana Smertin



I like to observe – everything…people, situations, sounds, nature, animals…

I am a keen observer and editor, I observe situations and put my own layer into it

I like to sing and make music – percussion, experimenting with voice, piano. Sometimes I search for very old music pieces, with which I used to play during my music studies and I play them all again– all styles. It is amazing how things can disappear, re-appear, fragments disappearing, and in place completely new things appear.

Me gustan tambien las idiomas. Me encanta espanol y mi lengua meterna. En este momento si hablas con gente en differentes idiomas todo parece super interesante

I love nature and traveling.

I like to spend time in unknown places. I like to sow, knit and crochet, collect small, detailed-crochet work. I like nice dishes, all my dishes are different,  I do not have more than 3 similar plates or cups.

My observation in Sozo Summer Stage


auf dem KlavierMusikstudium an der Hochschule für Musik Theater und Medien Hannover

Superior Conservatorio de Musica de Madrid

(Musikerzieuhng/Rhythmikerziehung: Klavier, Gesang, Percussion)
Tanzsausbildung bei  Sozo visions in motion Kassel

(Zeitgenössischer Bühnentanz)




Previous Work

cooperation of 3

Photoproject in collaboration with the photographer Lena Stein in summer 2015, Hannover


Swimming Legs

and Blue Stairs

video projects in collaboration with filmmaker Arianna Waldbinger, Kassel